About Our Cover Model: Danielle DelMonte is wise beyond her years

By Annette Pinder

Danielle DelMonte is a Buffalo native, who is wise and exceedingly accomplished beyond her 27 years. She grew up on Grand Island, graduated from Nardin Academy, completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at Canisius College, and earned her M.S. in Public Relations at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. Danielle is President and Founder of Danielle Marie Communications and PrepStart Consulting LLC, an Adjunct Instructor at Bryant & Stratton College, and provides public relations consulting and training services to many area businesses and organizations.

“I apply so much of the research-oriented methods and concepts I learned in graduate school to the work I do for my clients daily,” says Danielle. I learned the importance of being strategic in formulating effective public relations and marketing campaigns to help companies achieve their business goals. I saw the value in integrating traditional PR with modern-day print and digital online marketing, and it inspired me to start my own business.”

Danielle says being confident helps her effectively advise others, and learned the value in networking early on. After graduating from college, she worked at area marketing agencies, but always had ambitions to start her own business. She says, “I saw a need to provide customized and tailored services for various clients and organizations of all sizes. I also knew the importance of being able to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing marketing communications landscape in growing my business.”

Danielle says she is also inspired by many successful performers, artists and entrepreneurs. In March, when she was in Las Vegas and her fiancée proposed to her, he also arranged for her to meet The Backstreet Boys. Though she was nervous at first to meet her teen idol group, she the experience was exhilarating. “All the guys were so down-to-earth and approachable. It really put everything in perspective and made me realize that if they can get up in front of a crowd of thousands every night to perform, then I can certainly present in front of 12 partners at a law firm about how to use LinkedIn as a business development tool.”

Aside from her work life, Danielle talks about the importance of caring for herself. “I work crazy hours, but I know it’s important to take time to be by myself, to reflect, and relax, and engage in activities that keep me physically fit and mentally healthy.” She says, “If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t perform well at your job.” A former dancer, Danielle particularly enjoys Zumba for exercise. “It’s great to reconnect with what I enjoyed as a kid and incorporate that into my life now,” says Danielle.

In addition to Zumba, Danielle enjoys walking, being outdoors in nature, and music. She took piano lessons for years, and enjoys music of all types, without limiting herself to a particular genre. “Listening to music helps me with the creative process in how I pitch stories and think outside the box,” says Danielle. She also embraces a healthy diet, noting that her mom used to teach cooking classes. She says, “We always ate healthy – I didn’t grow up on take-out. When I dine out, I enjoy salads because they don’t make you feel sluggish afterwards. I try to eat light and have smaller meals throughout the day.” She does enjoy desserts, though, and one of her favorites is a red, white, and blue parfait, which we included this month as a featured recipe.

A millennial, Danielle thinks her generation has gotten a bad rap. She says, “Millennials grew up in an electronics-filled online and socially-networked world. They believe in following their dreams, tend to be tolerant of difference, but can also be unrealistic in their expectations.” Danielle attributes this to social media, which creates a perception of instant gratification. She says, “Many people my age don’t realize that relationships take time. It’s great to get “likes” on Facebook, but in the real world, you have to work for that. People don’t just like you right away. It takes work. It takes sitting down with people and meeting them face-to-face. Trying to impress people on Facebook is superficial. It’s a waste of time, and prevents you from cultivating genuine relationships.”

Learn more about Danielle at www.daniellemariecommunications.com or www.prepstartconsulting.com, and connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielledelmonte.