I often think that life would be easier if I didn’t have to deal with people. After all, the fact that each of us sees life from a different perspective can complicate things. But, when all is said and done, I find that people and their diverse perspectives serve as my greatest inspiration. I also know that it is only through my relationships with others that I can truly know myself.

One of the most meaningful perspectives I have heard recently is embraced in the words of Drs. Elad Levy and Adnan Siddiqui, who confirm in scientific terms that color is only skin deep. For, in a world that is becoming increasingly challenging and diverse, it is important to remember our shared humanity.

Like Drs. Levy and Siddiqui suggest, I believe that our world would be a lot healthier if we were able to transcend our religious, ideological, political, and national differences, to embrace compassion – and the ability to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. I also believe that as parents, educators, politicians, and health providers, we have a shared responsibility to want the same things for others as we want for ourselves. And I believe that it is possible to treat every human being equally, justly, and respectfully.

So, as we approach this beautiful and majestic season, I am reminded to pay attention to the changing colors, the falling leaves, the opportunity to walk outside, and enjoy the relationships that help us know who we are.

Have a wonderful October.