Why We Got the COVID-19 Vaccines

by Sophia and Lola McVige

We’ve heard a great deal about the COVID pandemic’s negative impact on kids, but I’m not sure people realize that these challenges continue. If you think you’re sick of COVID, think about what kids have been struggling through in not being able to see friends or enjoy normal activities to keep us mentally and physically healthy. Like adults, the pandemic caused many teens to struggle with missing their only high school graduation and prom, or kindergarteners (like our little sister Macy) missing their first day of school ever! The younger generation will forever be affected by this pandemic.

Recently, when my sister and I heard that the COVID vaccine was being offered to kids ages 12 and over, we immediately begged our mom, a local neurologist at DENT Neurologic Institute, to make us appointments. Having received a great education on the safety of the vaccine with our mom’s help, we were more than willing to do our part. Knowing we could get vaccinated gave us a feeling of sanity for the first time in an entire year. We finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and felt as if someday soon, this pandemic would be in our past.

I am Sophia McVige (15 years old). We have been social distancing for so long and there is finally a way out of this mess. I am shocked that some people still don’t want to get the vaccine. I’ve been hearing many absurd ideas and lies about the vaccine coming from people who are worried about getting it, such that it will cause infertility, will magnetize you, and yes, people seriously believe this, that it will insert a microchip in you. Even at 15 years old, I’ve done my research and spoken to medical professionals who confirm that these statements are untrue. I have learned that there is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs. It upsets me that people actually say these things to one another. The COVID vaccine helps protect people and helps them to feel safe. We no longer need to live in fear, so take the opportunity and get vaccinated. Please.

I am Lola McVige (12 years old). Although we’ve been experiencing a global pandemic for a year and a half, things are changing for the better. However, many people still believe that the new COVID vaccine could do all sorts of future damage, and are worried about getting it. In addition to spreading false information about the vaccine, people complain about wearing masks, saying they want all this to stop. Having learned all that I have, I felt comfortable taking two doses of the vaccine. This pandemic has cost us many lives, an entire school year, and summer. Not being able to go to school, not seeing your friends, and having to switch to online learning were things we couldn’t control then, but we have the power to control now. I believe that sitting around and complaining about the pandemic won’t magically stop the spread. So, please join me in getting educated, and in doing something about it to stop the spread and help our entire community and the world by getting the vaccine.