Listen and Learn About Cancer On the Go: Cancer Talk Podcast Offers New Way to Stay Informed 
Roswell Park Launches Informational Podcast Series for Those Affected by Cancer 

  • Roswell Park now offers cancer information through Cancer Talk podcast
  • Information on cancer research, prevention, treatment, survivorship, and more available in free, easy-to-access audio podcast format
  • Available on iTunes and iHeart Radio, the interviews with Roswell Park cancer experts are posted every Wednesday

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Roswell Park Cancer Institute is pleased to offer cancer information to patients, their families and the public in a newly launched series of podcasts titled, “Cancer Talk.” The podcasts are available for download on Roswell Park’s website and by free subscription at iTunes and iHeartRadio

“This new audio podcast is another way we are helping to keep our patients and community informed about important cancer topics, all in a format that works in their lifestyle. We want to make our experts accessible, and by sharing their knowledge in an audio format, our audiences can listen wherever they are—on their drive home, in the office, or on their daily walk,” says Laurel DiBrog, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Roswell Park.

Roswell Park is working in partnership with Radio MD, a nationally recognized podcast service, to create the 10-20 minutes on-demand episodes. Roswell Park experts will share content focusing on what patients can expect during treatment, coping tips, cancer research and news, screening and prevention options and more. The initial episode features Candace Johnson, PhD, President and CEO of Roswell Park, offering insights into what is on the horizon for Roswell Park in 2017. Some of the first episodes will also describe what to expect when getting a mammogram and how palliative care can improve quality of life while undergoing cancer treatment. New interviews with Roswell Park experts will be added weekly.

“Roswell Park is known for being at the cutting edge of cancer research and treatment. Using digital technologies such as podcasts to communicate advances in cancer are an excellent way to assist people with reliable, timely and accurate information on a variety of cancer topics,” says Dr. Johnson. “We believe these podcasts will become a vital channel for cancer information.”

To listen in to the latest podcast, visit Subscribe to the series through iTunes or iHeartRadio on your mobile device to receive notifications each time a new episode is posted.

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