Publisher’s Letter March

An article in this month’s issue, “We’re Vaccinated. We’re Invincible. We’re Still Scared,” written by my cousin Debbie Nathan, describes perfectly how I and many others are feeling these days. Like Debbie and Mort, I’ve received both doses of the vaccine, and my side effects were minimal. Perhaps I can soon see and hug my daughter and son-in-law. (It’s been over a year!) Yet, like Debbie and Mort, I will continue to be careful, knowing it may be possible for me to spread the virus to others who are not yet vaccinated.

This year, I have learned that medical experts and scientists rarely speak in absolutes, because each day teaches them more about how to best treat COVID and other diseases. What our experts do say with certainty, based on clinical trials involving 40,000 people and millions more who’ve already been vaccinated, is that our current vaccines are safe, effective, and 100 percent effective against getting a serious case of COVID that might result in hospitalization or death. They also tell us that we have now have a choice — to fight COVID on our own and take our chances or fight it with a safe and effective vaccine that ensures our survival.

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Have a safe, healthy, and hopeful March. Spring is almost here!