Adnan Siddiqui MD

Buffalo Peers into the Future of Medicine

By Allison Kupferman When you think of Buffalo, do you think of ground-breaking ideas that would shake up the healthcare industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and medical school education? Do you think of self-driving ambulances, genetically-engineered babies, robotic surgery, and DNA regeneration when you think of medical technology in Western New York? You might not today, but these futuri... »

GVI One of the Leaders in Landmark International Clinical Trial

In February 2015, results from a $50 million international clinical trial, led in the United States by principal investigator Elad I. Levy, MD, MBA, FACS, FAHA, from the Gates Vascular Institute, were recently released. The results of this landmark trial will revolutionize stroke treatment world-wide and will have a dramatic impact on patient recovery and survival rates. Called SWIFT PRIME, the tr... »