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Buffalo Hearing and Speech – Hearing Loss in Elderly Parents

Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center advises adult children on hearing loss in elderly parents. Taking action now can lead to better enjoyment of upcoming holiday season Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center – a non-profit agency providing innovative programs in the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, literacy, autism, and learning difficulties – is reaching out to... »

Boomers in Denial About Hearing Loss

by Annette Pinder Baby Boomers and their children have different opinions about almost everything. This is especially true with hearing loss. In fact, an applied research study called, “The Cost of Hearing Loss” surveyed 250 baby boomers and 250 children of boomers. The survey revealed that 72 percent of boomers believe they have average or better hearing. Interestingly, 70 percent of ... »

Myths Associated with Hearing Loss and Treatment

Many people take their hearing for granted. While it’s possible to live a lifetime without a single hearing problem, anyone who has attended a concert has probably considered the possibility of hearing loss, be it temporary or permanent. Unfortunately, there are many myths associated with hearing loss and treatment. And The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) wants to educate the public about hea... »