Richard Vienne D.O.

Peak Season for Children with Asthma

Peak Season for Children with Asthma A spike in asthma symptoms and flare-ups among children who have asthma is expected to start in late August and continue through the end of September, according to a review of past claims data and public health records by Univera Healthcare. “An increase in the number of children’s asthma-related medical visits, asthma attacks and hospitalizations occurs each y... »

Empower Receives Life-Saving AED Devices from Univera Healthcare

Four sites operated by Empower, formerly Niagara Cerebral Palsy, are equipped with semi-automated external defibrillators thanks to an underwriting grant from Univera Healthcare. With the devices, known as AEDs, these group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities are better equipped to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. “Having these devices in our sites allows our staff to take imm... »

People Undergoing Surgery Taking Opiates

More people undergoing surgery and taking opiates to treat back pain  More upstate New Yorkers with back pain are undergoing surgery and taking prescription medication such as opiate painkillers even though noninvasive treatments such as simple exercises and over-the-counter drugs usually work, according to a new Univera Healthcare report. “We need to change our thinking when it comes to back pain... »

Want to Quit Smoking?

New Tools and Support Could Help Cigarette smoking in our region has steadily declined since 2004, but rates in upstate NY continue to be higher than New York State and national averages, according to a Univera Healthcare (Univera) report. “We’re releasing this report with the hope that those who resolve to quit smoking in the New Year may finally put an end to this life-shortening hab... »