Your Doctors at Home
Available to you and your loved ones!

By Annette Pinder


Mobile Primary Care was founded in 2007, long before COVID-19 altered our reality, with a goal of providing the highest quality primary care to patients who were homebound or home limited. Since then, the practice has grown significantly, employing a model and team approach consisting of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, in house pharmacists, social workers, and care managers who work closely with patients and families to provide an efficient, comprehensive, and holistic approach to caring for patients from birth to end-of-life.

Brian Egan, CEO of Mobile Primary Care, is proud of all the practice has accomplished, saying, “We now have more than 59 employees and 38 providers and patient care coordinators who make over 20,000 house calls yearly.” In addition to excellent health care, Mobile Primary Care is eliminating unnecessary patient emergency and hospital visits, reducing patient costs, and keeping them comfortable and safe in their own homes. Brian explains, “We recognize that there is a great need for this type of healthcare, both now and in the future, and we want to provide the best possible care. By working closely with patients, families, and other health and insurance providers, we are improving the care of patients and helping them live longer and more independently.”

Recently, the practice has begun to bring greater awareness of its existence to the community, in partnering with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who see patients, many of whom are transitioning from hospital to nursing home care and rehabilitation. In-person care includes labs, x-rays, ultrasound, EKGs, and other diagnostic screenings. Mobile Primary Care’s all-encompassing model also connects with patients 24/7 through medical technology using a home machine or a patient’s cell phone. Brian says, “We bring everything to them, instead of having them come to us, including expertise in cardiology, nephrology, psychiatric care, wound care, primary care, as well as a new back-to-school program.” 

In addition to the telehealth support, in-person home and subacute in-person visitation, Mobile Primary Care now is looking forward to its latest high-demand health initiative, a free-standing geriatric clinic that will be located in Clarence. 

Mobile Primary Care’s website explains it all. When Brian and I recently spoke, we recalled stories we’d heard from those who remember doctors making house visits to examine and treat patients. While those days now elude most of us, Mobile Primary Care and Your Doctors at Home Primary Care physicians has emerged as one of the largest medical practices in Western New York. Best of all, it is accessible to people from birth to end-of-life. 

Learn more about the Mobile Primary Care’s primary and urgent care, and how you can become a patient by visiting, or by calling 716-893-1010.