By Andrew Merle

105-year-old Japanese doctor Shigeaki Hinohara shared six secrets for living an exceptionally long life. Dr. Hinohara practiced all of these habits before eventually dying in 2017 at age 105.

Retire late (very late) — Dr. Hinohara said if you must retire, wait as long as possible. He retired just a few weeks before his death.

Watch your weight — Hinohara accomplished this by eating only one meal per day. He only ate dinner, which usually consisted of fish and vegetables. He also ate meat two times per week.

Have fun — Dr. Hinohara believed having fun can distract you from pain. He also believed too many rules can tire the body, so keep life light and fun.

Share what you know —Dr. Hinohara believed life was all about contributions. He loved helping others and sharing knowledge. We all have unique knowledge and experience, so pass it on to benefit others.

Don’t worry about material possessions — You can’t take them with you. Instead, focus more on experiences with loved ones.

Take the stairs — Not only did Dr. Hinohara always take the stairs; he took them two at a time to push his muscles and get extra exercise.

Dr. Hinohara was not alone in his longevity. Japan ranks #2 in life expectancy among all countries, just behind Hong Kong. Hopefully, Dr. Hinohara’s longevity tips can help you maximize your lifespan as well.

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