Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center advises adult children on hearing loss in elderly parents.

Taking action now can lead to better enjoyment of upcoming holiday season

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center – a non-profit agency providing innovative programs in the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, literacy, autism, and learning difficulties – is reaching out to adult children in an effort to help them spot the signs of hearing loss in elderly parents. The agency encourages adult children to consider hearing evaluations and the potential for hearing aids now so that the parent may better enjoy the fast approaching holiday season.

“Hearing loss in the elderly can lead to social isolation, as they remove themselves from social activities and gatherings due to the difficulty of impaired hearing,” explains Amy Bamrick, M.S., CCC-SLP, Director of Clinical Services at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center.  “Addressing the issue now can help elderly relatives to more fully experience and participate in social activities and better connect with family and friends during the holidays.”

Bamrick notes that the Center offers a number of services to assist families with hearing loss issues including free hearing aid evaluations, education on hearing aids, and risk-free, 75-day trial periods for hearing aids with no fee charged if return is necessary. They also offer comprehensive support from an audiologist to help with hear aid adjustment for the best outcomes.

Some signs of hearing loss may include trouble hearing on the telephone; difficulty following conversations when two or more people are speaking; struggling to hear the television; and having trouble hearing in noisy conditions such as a crowded restaurant. Hearing loss is also associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as depression, which can be exacerbated by the holidays.

Since its founding in 1953, Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center has helped more than 100,000 men, women and children in the Western New York community. A 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, the Center is approved by the NYS Department of Health and the State Education Department. The Center serves individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds through its clinical and educational programs, and is one of the largest freestanding hearing, speech, and learning centers offering a comprehensive scope of services in the United States. Buffalo Hearing & Speech has locations in Buffalo, Amherst, West Seneca, Wheatfield, Derby and Fredonia that serve Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Genesee counties.

For more information, visit www.askbhsc.org or call (716) 885-8318.