By Annette Pinder

Regular exercise is essential to good health, and for some people, a fun way to get in shape is to do so alongside another person. Locally, the JCC offers a huge number of classes to keep people healthy, fit, and engaged. Here are some examples.

  • Ai Chi. A water-based total body strengthening and relaxation progression that integrates mental, physical and spiritual energy, combining Tai-Chi concepts with Shiatsu and Watsu techniques performed in
  • A low intensity workout focused on flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health.
  • Aqua Thon. A fun aquatic training course that combines swimming, cycling, and running with aquatics resistance.
  • Focuses on toning legs, glutes, and core with cardio to increase strength, muscle endurance, core fitness, and balance.
  • Build Your Core. Mat-based low impact class focusing on abdominals, back, glutes, and hip muscles.
  • Cardio Kickboxing. Boxing mixed with high intensity moves to burn calories, build strength, and muscles.
  • Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, challenging drills, and exercises for cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Dance fitness. My personal favorite that includes Zumba™ hip-hop, and line-dancing.
  • Float Fitness. A deep-water class with cardio, core, and resistance training.
  • Walking, stretching, and range of motion exercises are great for those with joint or other issues.
  • Glutes Galore. Isolate, strengthen, and tone your glutes.
  • Hydro Muscles. A shallow and deep-end cardiovascular muscle conditioning workout.
  • Burn calories in the water with this low impact, high resistance aqua spin bike.
  • I.I.T. Burn fat without losing muscle with short intervals of training.
  • Pilates Barre Fusion. Breathing and exercises to develop core and mental control of the body.
  • Senior Yoga Fit. For those with conditions that limit mobility.
  • Silver Sneakers. Increase strength and movement for daily living.
    Stretch It Out. Improves flexibility, decreases the risk of injury and helps with daily stiffness.
  • Tai Chi. Develop a coordination of mind and body, release stress, strengthen, and stretch, improve flexibility, and balance.
  • 20/20 Endurance. 20 exercises in 20 minutes!
  • Water in Motion. An aqua exercise program with choreography, music, and singalongs.
  • Yoga classes. Great for mind, body, and spirit, flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

Believe it or not, there are more classes, including individualized training, and special dance classes that focus on Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop for kids and adults. Think about asking a buddy to join you in trying a class for free! Visit to learn more about classes and programs available both in the Getzville and Buffalo locations.