Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together! 14,000 Masks and Counting!
A special message from Lixin Zhang, MD, Neurologist at DENT Neurologic Institute, and Yanhong Baranski, President, of the Chinese Club of Western New York (CCWNY):
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of roughly 800 members. We are providing thousands of masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) to our first line responders. We have access to masks, etc. unavailable to our local hospitals at this time. You can help us in responding to the urgent by making a tax-deductible donation at http://www.cc-wny.org/fight-covid-19-together/.

Chinese Club of WNY, a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization, is donating N95 masks, surgical masks, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to frontline healthcare workers in WNY’s busiest Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Units, and Health Centers ASAP.
Due to strong personal & professional relationships, the Chinese Club of WNY is able to secure a large supply of N95 & surgical masks from certified equipment manufacturers that are shipping them directly to WNY in just a few days.
100% of all donations go directly to the acquisition and delivery of this essential protective equipment.

Medical personnel are reporting that their hospitals have either run out of masks or are asking them to reuse the ones they have, which creates major health risks.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout WNY continues to rise to nearly 1,000 cases in Erie County alone. Compounding the problem is the the lack of definitive testing available, making it essential to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the healthcare workers who need it most.

Yanhong Na Baranski, President of the Chinese Club of WNY, confirms that 14,000 masks will go to area hospitals today, as follows:
1,000 surgical masks – Buffalo Medical Group
3000 surgical masks – Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital
1000 surgical masks –  Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
2500 surgical gloves – Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
1000 surgical masks –  CHD-Mercy Hospital
500 surgical masks –  Dent Neurologic Institute
1000 surgical masks –  General Physician PC
500 surgical masks – Optimum Care
2000 surgical masks – St. Joes Hospital
60 N95 masks – St. Joes Hospital
1000 surgical masks –  Buffalo School District
1500 surgical masks – Allied Frozen Storage
2000 surgical masks – ECMC

We can all make a difference by donating at http://cc-wny.org/fight-covid-19-together/.

Thank you to the Chinese Club of WNY for coming to the aid of our first responders who are fighting to save lives while risking their own. Let’s help them!