Busy families and individuals often feel there are not enough hours in the day. However, once every four years, we receive an extra day in February. Although Leap Day is designed to move the clock and calendar in line with the Earth’s rotation around the sun, which takes slightly longer than 365 days, it can also be an opportunity to relax and have some fun. The following are ways to maximize this year’s extra day.

Learn about leaplings. A leapling is a person born on February 29 during a leap year. The odds of being a leapling are one in 1,461. Find out if anyone you know is a leapling, or research celebrity leaplings.

Celebrate leap day. Although not an official holiday, leap day is worthy of celebration. Figure out a theme for your party, and invite friends over for an extra day of fun and relaxation.

Take the day off. Consider taking a mental health day off from work or school, if possible, to enjoy hobbies or other activities.

Leapin’ lizards. Kids may enjoy reading or learning about animals good at leaping, such as frogs or flying squirrels. Take turns leaping long jumps to see who can leap the farthest.

Calculate your leap year age. Students can practice math and divide each person’s age by four to determine what age they would be had they been born on a leap day.

Do everything for the day in fours. Enjoy four scoops of ice cream or take a four-hour hike. Have lunch or dinner with friends spending four hours finding out what’s been happening in their lives.

Leap into community service. Figure out where you can volunteer and make leap day all about giving back.