How I Benefited from the Pandemic Lockdown
Anthony’s Story

By Tess Moran


Native Buffalonian, Anthony D’Amato, now lives in Vietnam where he teaches English. Vietnam was one of the first countries to experience the shockwaves of the global pandemic, and went into lockdown in early February 2020. But far from being the traumatic experience that many others have shared, Anthony embraced it and enjoyed every minute of it. 

“I had my family all to myself 24/7. I no longer had to worry about my daughters driving on the dangerous roads of Vietnam. My son and I played frisbee every day. My wife and I watched movies every night. We all cuddled in one bed in the mornings with no urgency to be anywhere.”

Before living in Vietnam, Anthony had been an avid mountain biker and was very athletic. However, he admits, “When I was living in Vietnam, I let my exercise routine slide.”  He says the lockdown actually helped him become more committed to improving his health. He and his wife would spend time cooking fresh, healthy meals, and he had time to work out every day. He says he was not bored once during those fourteen weeks.

Anthony is still practicing healthy lifestyle habits today. He says he feels much better, and is thankful that he had the opportunity to spend this cherished time with his family. The lockdown lasted over three months in Vietnam and, in some ways, Anthony is sad that it is over, saying, “It was one of the happiest times of my life.”

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Tess Moran is a freelance writer and photographer for Buffalo Healthy Living.