Courtesy of Trusted Surplus Solutions

Medicaid is available in New York state to individuals who are experiencing the stress of limited incomes and resources. Often, people may qualify for Medicaid and not realize it, including children, pregnant women, single individuals, families, and those who are certified as blind or disabled. Additionally, those facing significant medical bills can be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits, even if their total income and resources are more than the typical allowable amount. This amount usually changes every January 1.

Health services that are offered by Medicaid to those who qualify include regular medical checkups and follow-up care; immunizations; doctor and clinic visits; medicine, medical supplies and equipment, such as wheelchairs; lab tests and X-rays; eye care and eyeglasses; emergency care; dental care; nursing home care; emergency ambulance transportation to a hospital; hospital stays; and perinatal care.

Medicaid also provides services to children from birth to 21 years of age. The Child/Teen Health Program (C/THP), which focuses on preventive care and treatment, is also available from fee-for-service healthcare providers. In fact, all managed care plans must offer the C/THP benefit to all Medicaid recipients who are under age 21 who are enrolled in their plan. Additionally, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus provide services to all eligible children and adults through managed care plans.

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