As we approach the official close of DSRIP on March 31,2020, the team at Millennium Collaborative Care and our lead entity, the Erie County Medical Center Corporation would like to thank and recognize the enthusiastic efforts of our health care partner organizations to improve the quality and efficiency of care for our more than 270,000 Medicaid clients across the Western New York Region.

By collaborating and working closely together like never before, we’ve been able to bring about significant positive change over our recent five-year journey. And thanks to stellar work by our partners in a host of areas, we have arrived at this milestone with a track record of significant achievement we all can be very proud of.

And while we are disappointed for the community that we did not receive critical support from the federal government, we will sunset Millennium by March 31 and will continue over the next year to distribute remaining DSRIP funds to our participating healthcare and community organizations.

With this as our immediate course of action, we would like to pause at this milestone and recognize in the following brief pages just a very few “Promising Partner Practices.” In so many ways, we feel that they both represent the intent and spirit of initiatives successfully completed along the way; and at the same time; signify many progress possibilities.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to share these highlights with you. And as always, your feedback is an ongoing gift we are always most happy to receive.