By Michele Ladd

I want everyone to know why I am recommending a simple device called Alpha-Stim® to those who need help with pain, stress, anxiety associated with PTSD, depression, and insomnia. Drug-free and FDA-cleared, Alpha-Stim is used in several VA health centers and cancer hospitals.

As the mom of two veterans who served in the military who worked in real estate in Rochester, I changed the course of my life in 2010, by founding “Heroes Home Advantage.” Heroes Home Advantage made it possible for me to give a portion of my realtor commission as a rebate to first-responders, teachers, health-workers, and service members when they bought or sold a home.

My goal was to give back, but Instead of just starting a rebate program, I found a way to connect with individuals and families who served in the military, who had suffered severe injuries, and PTSD. I also connected with moms whose children had taken their lives. Ultimately, it led led me to purchase an RV through which allowed me to travel and meet with families while running my business. My life was not unlike Fern’s in the popular movie Nomadland.

I’ve always been a person who cares deeply about others. I never imagined that through working in real estate, I would meet hundreds of people who would share their stories with me. I learned about what their lives were like and thanked people for their service to our communities and our nation.

It was two severely wounded veterans, however, that would impact my life in profound ways. These veterans shared their stories about PTSD and survivors’ guilt. I also met mothers whose sons had taken their lives due to their injuries and severe mental health issues. With people offering to donate, I decided to create a non-profit called National Veteran Resources, whose mission is to help families, individuals with resources and education, to help prevent and raise awareness of suicide. We have also created a group that consists of 57 moms from different areas of the country who share friendship, love, compassion, share stories, and help others.

I am currently traveling with my husband Randy in a 42-foot American flag-wrapped RV to carry out this important mission as I continue to gather people and stories and offer help. I also work with the VA through a program called Make the Connection and send out boxes of veteran crisis handouts.

Through all of this, I learned about a unique non-invasive drug-free, evidence-based medical device called Alpha-Stim that has eased my own stress and anxiety, and been a source of hope to the many veterans with whom I work. I’ve seen lots of gimmicks over the years, but this is different, and it has made a difference. As more VA physicians prescribe Alpha-Stim, more veterans have found relief from their pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Learn more about about the device at or call 716-812-6077.

To learn more about National Veteran Resources, visit and