Removal of physician supervision does not change the scope of PA practice

ALBANY, N.Y. – Members of the New York State Society of PAs (NYSSPA) are urging state legislators to support inclusion of PAs in the final state budget. NYSSPA is grateful to Governor Kathy Hochul for recognizing PAs as crucial to New York’s healthcare workforce and applauds the Department of Health for their vocal support. Permanently removing administrative barriers that limit the ability of PAs to care for patients and communities does not change the scope of PA practice.

An executive order issued by Governor Hochul to address the ongoing healthcare workforce crisis has allowed PAs to practice to the full extent of our education, training, and experience over the past three years. This increased the ability of PAs to meet patient needs and maintain the delivery of care. But this executive order is a temporary measure which can end anytime. Our communities cannot afford for this to go backward, and state lawmakers must make this permanent in the state budget.

PAs are not seeking independent practice. NYSSPA members reaffirm their commitment to team-based practice by ensuring that decisions on how PAs practice are made at the practice level rather than by rigid state laws. Removal of supervision does not change the scope of PA practice. A New York State license already allows PAs to see any patient of any age, in any setting, and in any specialty to the full extent of our education, training, and experience.

“PAs have long served on the front lines of healthcare in New York State. Whether in emergency rooms or as primary care providers, many New Yorkers rely on PAs for primary and specialty care. Over the past three years, NYSSPA’s members have practiced to the full extent of their education, training, and experience without the supervision of a physician. The supervision requirement is outdated. PAs have been able to increase access to quality healthcare and better serve our communities without it, strengthening New York’s healthcare system in the process,” said Patti Cuartas, MBA, PA-C, PMP, FACHE, President of New York State Society of PAs.

The pivotal role PAs play in the healthcare system has not been reflected in past state budgets. We are hopeful state legislators will support Governor Hochul’s proposal to advance the PA profession and begin the removal of administrative barriers to practice.