Collaboration, Planning Key to NYCC’s Hands-on Fall Term

NYCC has successfully reached the strategically-planned completion of its in-person, hands-on instruction for the Fall 2020 trimester. Coursework will continue for the Doctor of Chiropractic students online through the remainder of the term, as scheduled.

The hybrid model for the fall trimester was planned to proactively prepare for a potential COVID-19 resurgence and is one of the many measures put forth in the NYCC Campus Safety Reopening Plan.

With the health and safety of the entire College community as the highest of priorities, NYCC has worked closely with public health experts and professionals across the College to create an extensive blueprint. “Collaboration, deliberate planning, and our carefully controlled reopening have all played an important role in the success of our in-person, hands-on instruction for the fall term,” said NYCC President Michael Mestan.

“Our community has been flexible and innovative as they’ve worked together to come up with solutions to keep our College community safe and healthy while moving forward. It has been a challenging time, but also rewarding to see our community come together in such profound ways,” Mestan added.

NYCC Actions to Ensure Health and Safety

The NYCC campus and health centers were moved to remote status for more than three months at the beginning of the global health pandemic. Students began to return for hands-on instruction during NYCC’s phased reopening, which began on June 29.

Faculty, staff, and administrators from across the College were quick to act and work to develop plans for multiple scenarios, which included online and in-person coursework, resulting in the hybrid format as well as an adjusted schedule.

In addition to requiring face coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the College put numerous safety measures in place across its facilities. The College also adopted a pledge, the #NYCCBlueWay, an acknowledgment of its community’s dedication to the pursuit of health and wellness and a vow to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

NYCC plans to begin the Winter 2021 trimester on Jan. 6 with lectures delivered remotely and work in the anatomy center, chiropractic skills and techniques labs continuing face-to-face. The College will continue to adapt and make decisions according to public health guidelines and with the safety of the NYCC community and the public at the forefront.