According to, more than three million people are affected annually by work-related injuries and illnesses. Sadly, about 84% of injuries sustained by employees are due to equipment, overexertion, and falls.

The World Health Organization refers to occupational health as an area of work dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being of workers in all occupations. The government agency that develops regulations for employers to ensure that workplaces are safe from risks as a result of hazards is the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

It is important to note that the term employee health refers to both physical and mental well-being, especially since physical ailments can result in mental health problems. Yet another aspect of employee health is wellness and prevention, as poor employee health ends up costing employers and employees thousands of dollars each year.

Locally, Western New York Immediate Care (WNYIC) is committed to helping employers establish and maintain healthy workplace environments for their employees. WNYIC offers comprehensive occupational and industrial medicine services to organizations of all sizes to help businesses reduce injuries, lower costs, and promote a safer and happier workplace.

Services available at all of WNYIC’s four Buffalo area locations include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing. Rapid drug screening technology includes urine collections, breath alcohol testing, hair collections, random consortium programs, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) oversight.
  • Immunizations and Influenza Vaccinations. WNYIC offers a large variety of immunizations needed for various occupational situations.
  • Injury Care. Injured employees are diagnosed and treated quickly by WNYIC’s qualified medical professionals.
  • Physicals. WNYIC performs all necessary medical evaluations such as Comprehensive Medical Evaluations (CME), pre-placement, return-to-work, basic exam, federal/DOT, firefighter, and more.
  • Testing. This includes a full complement of testing services such as mask fitting, vision screening, audiology testing, hearing conservation, spirometry and pulmonary function testing (PFT), x-rays, and laboratory tests.
  • Treatment and Evaluations. This includes blood borne pathogen testing and treatment and fitness-for-duty evaluations, and assessing what patients are able to do, based on evidence-based national and state guidelines for workers’ compensation.

WNYIC offers competitive and affordable pricing. In contrast to sending an injured employee to an emergency room, when applicable, WNYIC offers substantial cost and time savings. WNYIC providers also work closely with employers to ensure that injured employees are back to work in a reasonable and safe time period.

Western New York Immediate Care locations include Amherst, Buffalo, Depew, and Orchard Park. Learn more at For a detailed list of occupational health services and pricing available through WNYIC, email