Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve is proud to announce the launch of our first-ever Kickstarter fundraising campaign entitled Unearth the Unexpected.

Our fundraising goal is to revamp 20-year old interpretive signage at Penn Dixie. The current signage is outdated, discolored, and a bit boring. Penn Dixie is asking for backers to pledge funds that will go directly to the redesign and installation of the signs. Signs will be designed by local artist Rachel D’Alfonso, owner of Nomel Arts. Once design is complete, fabrication and installation will be handled by Hadley Exhibits, Inc.

“We’re really excited to work with various Buffalo companies to make this long overdue project come to life. Building new partnerships with Oxford Pennant, McCullagh Coffee, Nomel Arts, and Hadley Exhibits, Inc. as we enter our 26th season is really going to set us up for continued success,” says Catherine Konieczny, Director of Science. “It’s nice to think that members of the community – and all over the world – can donate directly to this project and enjoy the results when they visit! Penn Dixie has so many wonderful things to offer besides fossils – nature trails, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and hopefully soon, these signs.”

By backing the Kickstarter, participants will receive newly released Penn Dixie merchandise like pennants from Oxford Pennant, special label McCullagh Coffee, never before offered on-site experiences, and more. The Unearth the Unexpected Kickstarter will run for 29 days starting June 15th and ending at 10 pm on July 14th.


Penn Dixie is ranked as the number one fossil park in the Unites States and welcomes science enthusiasts from around the globe to uncover trilobites, brachiopods, crinoids, and corals that lived in a shallow ocean 380 million years ago.