June focuses on many health issues, but one of the most important is men’s health. Despite its importance, men’s health often takes a backseat to the health of women and children. Yet, when a man becomes ill, the economic impact on their families can be devastating.

Studies show that widowed women experience financial difficulties due to increased death rates of their male partners. Additionally, a man’s age, alcohol and tobacco use, and possible military exposure are associated with birth defects in children. Men with a history of sexually transmitted diseases also jeopardize the health of their partners and children.

According to sciencedirect.com, men are traditionally less concerned about preventive health care, less likely to have health insurance, and less likely to have seen a physician in the past year. Men often say that it is difficult for them to arrange for doctor appointments that accommodate their work schedules. And, when it comes to mental health, men who experience depression typically avoid asking for help, often due to stigma, despite the fact that the incidence of male suicide is four times greater than that of women.

Men’s health is a vital component of community health. Enjoy this month’s cover story, featuring Joshua Lynch, DO, a physician who has helped develop a national model for individuals suffering from addiction. Read more articles about men’s health and other topics at BuffaloHealthyLiving.com.

Get out and enjoy our beautiful June weather, and happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating!