Buffalo, NY, February , 2023 – Do you have a wish? Founded by the United Church Home Society, Senior Wishes’ goal is to enrich the lives of deserving seniors by providing an experience to be cherished and remembered. More than 400 wishes have been granted since 2014, including traveling to visit long-missed family, attending a sports or cultural event, providing supplies to continue an abandoned hobby or lessons to learn something new.

Qualifying seniors may submit an application which is reviewed bi-monthly by a volunteer wish granting committee. After approval, a Senior Wishes representative will work together with the senior to plan the details of their wish experience. Community members are encouraged to reach out to deserving seniors, talk to them about their unfulfilled dreams, and help them fill out the paperwork.

According to Wendy Miller Backman, Executive Director, “It is so fulfilling to grant a wish to a senior who has no other way of making their wish come true. Watching them have an experience for the first time, reuniting with their loved one, or just fulfilling a basic need brings so much joy.”

Wish recipients must be 65+ and a resident of Western New York with an annual income under $38,000 for a household of one or under $44,000 for a household of two. Permanent residents of care facilities are exempt from the income qualification. No medical diagnosis is required. Vacations, medical items, furniture, household repairs, bill payments and travel outside of the continental U.S. are excluded.

More information and full details can be found at www.seniorwishes.org or By calling Executive Director, Wendy Backman at (716)-508-2121