Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, a member of the Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc.’s Family Medicine provider team, has received the “Fellow of the Year Award” from the Erie County Medical Society after completing her fellowship in Geriatrics and Palliative Care. Dr. Ahmad was selected for this prestigious award from among all State University of New York Jacobs School of Medicine fellowship candidates participating in program disciplines such as Neuroscience, Cardio, Hospitalist, etc., throughout Erie County.

Dr. Ahmad has amply demonstrated service to the profession of medicine by her dedication to the patients in the community. She is compassionate and has a genuine desire to improve the health and well-being of patients in her care. She has received many honors and awards and was the number one candidate to be chosen for a Geriatric Fellowship.  She is a role model to residents and medical students and a true leader within the Geriatric Fellowship.   She has the distinction of being the first to be named Chief Fellow. Her contribution to medicine is not only in her clinical work with the underserved and geriatric population but also in the research that she has done, including Body Mass Index among Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery Residencies across the United States, which was presented at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Dr. Ahmad’s Fellowship Program Directors highly recommended her for the Fellow of the Year Award.