by Annette Pinder

The warmer weather inspires many of us to jumpstart our fitness goals, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors. The Jewish Community Center (JCC) offers something for everyone, and helpful tips to get started.

Find What Motivates You. Interested in some friendly competition playing racquetball, beach volleyball, or pickle-ball? Perhaps more structured exercise options sound more appealing. Classes include strength training, cardio, tai chi, yoga, water exercise, senior and fit, and stretch classes. Also, check out pre-recorded videos at Interested in improving your flexibility and balance? Yoga, stretch, and tai chi are perfect choices. Not a member yet? There are always monthly promotions. And, if you are a senior, affordable subsidized gym memberships are always available to Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement members.

Wellness and Socialization. In addition to exercise, JCC members enjoy nutrition and wellness lunch-and-learns for seniors, current events discussions, learning about Shakespeare, taking art and writing classes, rock-steady boxing, everyday wellness, healthy eating, and a national diabetes prevention program.

Summer at the JCC. Wow! There’s too much to list. Aside from camp, dance, art, swim classes, and concerts, my personal favorite is the outdoor pool. Being at the pool is truly like being at an exclusive country club minus the exorbitant fees. It’s a place to swim, read, relax, enjoy the snack bar, and spend time with friends – old and new. Check out the new pool revitalization project at for which a donation of $100 or more offers special privileges! Best of all, the pool opens Memorial Day weekend.

Check out the new JCC spring/summer guide at Want to join? Visit, or call 716-688-4033, and meet me at the pool on Memorial Day.