Courtesy of People Inc.

It’s the beginning of the day, and everyone is greeted with enthusiasm as they walk into The Edge, People Inc.’s new Day Habilitation Without Walls program on 66th Street in Niagara Falls. The Edge offers opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to interact in the community by eliminating mental walls rather than physical walls, with activities tailored to each individual.

Previously located at Golisano Center, The Edge team enjoys the flexibility of the new location, where activities revolve around art, exercise, cooking, use of a stage and sound system, computers, and access to the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Niagara Community Center. The Edge staff accommodate each individual’s needs and interests, and empowers them to make choices regarding their daily activities.

Donte Griffin, a direct support professional with People Inc. for two years, explains that every day is different with lots of activities to choose from. “We might be drawing, playing a board or card game, having a ping-pong tournament, enjoying a competitive game of basketball, performing karaoke onstage, or working on safety training skills in the community.”

On a recent Tuesday, a flurry of activity included the following program participants.

  • Matthew Dinino, who always welcomes people at the door and introduces each person by name, enjoys volleyball and being out in the community.
  • Tiffany Carr, who enjoys the space and choices at the new location, enjoys basketball, tennis, and kickball. She likes seeing her friends each day, appreciates the friendly staff, and enjoys walking in the neighborhood and exploring the mall.
  • Tabitha Schuman, who has many favorite activities, enjoys research and word puzzles on the computer, singing rock music on stage during karaoke, and playing basketball. She appreciates the staff’s listening skills and humor.
  • Corey Cunningham is helping build a Lego town, and likes going to the Community Center to get exercise.

Marche Moody, People Inc. direct support professional, is excited to help rebuild the program after the COVID hiatus. “It is very refreshing to be in this new location where everyone can be themselves, and where there is room to work with each person. We have seen the people we support be more comfortable and really grow,” says Moody, who enjoys accompanying people to the Community Center for basketball, volleyball, kickball, and soccer, and appreciates their competitive spirit.

The staff is currently busy preparing for a future talent show, softball tournament, and working in the community garden. Through partnerships with other area organizations and businesses, the team at The Edge will be expanding community-based volunteer and other opportunities.

“We have fun together and learn from each other,” says Griffin. “We understand how difficult lives can be outside of here, so we work hard to create a safe place where the people we support can be themselves.”

Learn more at or call 1-888-7PEOPLE.