Consumers who are looking to get lasered, botoxed, injected, or otherwise resurfaced should keep in mind that there can be potential hazards involved, of both the physical and fiscal variety. This is why many states have laws to beef up medical spa oversight. Usage of medical spas is growing and it is important that consumers be aware of the expertise, quality, and ownership of the facility they may be considering.

Here are 10 questions every consumer should ask any spa business they’re considering for a medical treatment. These questions apply to non-invasive procedures like photo facials, IPL, and chemical peels, as well as to minimally invasive/ laser treatments like Botox, filler injections, laser hair removal/skin resurfacing, and threadlifts.

Laser treatments, though less invasive than traditional surgery, still come with risks, says Spa Finder President Susie Ellis. So, even though the vast majority of medical spas are doing excellent, ethical work, it’s up to consumers to do their homework and ask LOTS of questions. It’s your body, your money, and it’s absolutely your right to get answers.

10 Questions Every Medical Spa-Goer Should Ask:

1. Who is the owner of the spa, and how long have you been in business?

2. Is your supervising doctor board-certified in the specialty I’m interested in?

3. Who performs the treatment and what are his/her qualifications? (For invasive/laser work, the procedure should be performed by a licensed physician or registered nurse under the supervision of a physician.)

4. If he/she was trained in the procedure, when and where did the training take place?

5. How many times has he/she performed the procedure?

6. What is your emergency protocol in case of complications? If a doctor isn’t performing the procedure, will one be on-site and available?

7. Do you have a list of patients I can contact? (Ask to speak with someone who has had the same treatment, at least 6 months earlier, so you can evaluate permanence and healing.)

8. What are the costs for the procedure? Are there any additional costs?

9. What are the risks/side effects involved with the procedure?

10. What type of laser/equipment is being used? Is it appropriate for my skin type and for the result I’m seeking?

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