By Susan Bianchi

You may have heard of Susan Ciminelli, owner of Susan Naturally Day Spa in Amherst, but you probably didn’t know that she has traveled the world to help celebrities learn how to take better care of their skin, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford. In fact, Susan is a world-renowned holistic health, beauty, and wellness guru whose unique approach to skin care has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, and Time magazine, and she has appeared on BBC, CNN, The Martha Stewart Show, The Chew, and Japanese television.

The author of “The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin,” Susan has been helping clients identify the root of their skin care problems, and teaching them how to bring their bodies back into balance. She says, “I help people learn how to take better care of themselves from the inside-out. I teach them that emotional stress is reflected in their skin.” In practicing what she preaches, Susan says, “Simple lifestyle modifications can help create a radiant complexion because natural beauty emanates from within.”

Clients who come to Susan’s spa say that they leave feeling empowered in having gained knowledge that makes a difference in their health and beauty. One local client says, “It isn’t just about getting a wonderful facial, but I feel more balanced and peaceful afterward because of the way her treatments incorporate energy work.”

Regarding the unique aspects of her offerings, Susan says, “I fight chemists all the time to ensure that my products are only made with pure ingredients, based on discoveries I have made in traveling around the world to source what I use, and I refuse to compromise.” Dedicated to this promise, Susan Ciminelli products are sourced and produced in Europe, and derived from what she refers to as “a precise collaboration of science and nature’s most healing ingredients.” They include earth and ocean botanicals that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients are integrated into her cleansers, pure essential oils, toner, moisturizers, and facial masks. It is for this reason that celebrities, designers, supermodels, and socialites refer to the results as “the Ciminelli Glow.”

Above all, Susan wants people to know that most skin issues do not arise due to a problem with the skin. “Instead,” she says, “When you see blemishes, irritation, or dryness, it is because the skin is eliminating waste and toxins from inside the body. However, when pure and nutritious products are used on our skin, they help relieve stress and negative emotions that help you glow.”

Learn more about the Ciminelli glow, and how a practical and simple diet, lifestyle, and pure skin care products and solutions can completely change you from the inside out. Susan Naturally Day Spa is located at 3965 Main Street in Snyder, New York. Learn more at To make an appointment, call 716-398-5250.

Susan Bianchi is a writer and director of marketing and sales for Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine.