The Mindfulness Alliance announces first regional Mindfulness Festival — Uplift Buffalo

Buffalo, NY is the first city to have the traveling festival featuring international headline speaker Sharon Salzberg.

Buffalo, New York – July 30, 2019. The Mindfulness Alliance (TMA) is pleased to announce the final program for the first, regional Mindfulness Festival called – UpLift Buffalo. It will take place Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the Buffalo Grand Hotel.

Featured speaker is international expert and NY Times best-selling author, Sharon Salzberg.  “We are honored to have Ms. Salzberg’s support of this event,” said Lisa Napora, Executive Director of The Mindfulness Alliance. “  Her work is aligned with The Alliance’s focus on mindfulness for a peaceful flourishing society.”  Ms. Salzberg is an authority on happiness, compassion and loving kindness. She is the author of ten books including Lovingkindness, the NY Times best seller Real Happiness, and her 2017 work, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection. Her early studies began at the University of Buffalo.

TheUpLift Buffalo Mindfulness Festival will feature mindfulness guides and experts from across the region. The event will offer awareness-based practices on the main Serenity Stage, mindfulness experts in the Learning Center, a Kid’s Corner, interactive labyrinth, and more than 40 local vendors and food trucks.

On the Serenity Stage local area guides will give presentations to help expand and reinforce personal mindfulness practices. A special presentation includes dance troupes to exemplify how mindfulness can be practiced through movement. Each dance presentation expands on the work of each “practice” the guided expert showcased.

The Learning Center has on going presentations on subjects covering how mindfulness is used in education, the workplace and health centers.  Beginners will also learn tools and insights on the topic of mindfulness in general.

The Kids corner features activities for young adults, teens and young children.  Activities are varied and run throughout the festival.

People are also encouraged to learn how to walk a labyrinth with expert guides.

Of course, the festival has food trucks, local vendors, booksellers and more that all relate to the topic of mindfulness.

“The purpose of the festival is to educate and inform the general public how mindfulness is already practiced in Western NY and southern Ontario,” says Lisa Napora, executive director of The Mindfulness Alliance.  “We want to support local mindfulness initiatives and encourage awareness of social justice programs throughout the region.”

A full program listing can be located at the festival website.

Tickets are on sale at

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The Mindfulness Alliance is a grassroots 501 C (3) non-profit organization that unites mindfulness practitioners, facilitates trainings, hosts events large and small, and runs educational programs. The Mindfulness Alliance’s mission is to combine the power of mindfulness practices with the power of community to build a stronger and more resilient Western New York.  The Mindfulness Alliance works with all manner of professionals and organizations across the region.