Take some time to get away and relax

By Greg Stamm, Esq.

If you are like me, there’s a 50/50 chance that you are taking one or more prescription medicines. Your doctor has undoubtedly advised you to keep your weight under control, to exercise regularly, and to avoid stressful situations — which makes perfect sense. However, I would like to add one more suggestion to your prescription for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Take time for yourself away from your home and daily routine as often as you are able, and smell the flowers from above, and not below the ground, before you lose the opportunity.

I am a 75-year-old man who has been fortunate to practice law for fifty years. What keeps me young enough in mind and body and able to continue working is, in no small measure, due to the breaks that I fit into my otherwise busy schedule each year to simply get away. I especially love taking cruises to visit places I’ve never visited before. Cruising may not be for everyone, but for me it is therapeutic to the point of lowering my blood pressure, eliminating any stress that burdens me, and energizing enough for me to don my sneakers and take advantage of the fitness center aboard the ship.

While cruising may not be your first choice for a variety of circumstances, I urge you to daydream about what you might do to get away from your daily routine and make that dream a reality. I know people who can relieve their stress simply by getting in the car and driving for a few hours to visit friends, family, or no one in particular, while listening to a book on tape or their favorite music. Others have confided that a train trip from Buffalo to New York or Toronto, and taking in the sights or a show, is all they need to recharge their batteries. Still others have a favorite place to enjoy, or relatives to visit, in a warmer winter climate.

I cannot and would not suggest what your vacation of choice should entail. However, I can tell you that whatever you do doesn’t have to be expensive. Some four-day cruises are only $139! What I can relate, from personal experience in helping seniors my age and older transition their lives, is that there is still a lot of living yet to do, even if we are living in the fourth quarter of our lives. On my cruise vacations, I meet and thoroughly enjoy the company of the seniors I encounter, and conversing with them about their life’s journey. It should come as no surprise that the majority of passengers sailing the seas are in this category. If you don’t believe me or are skeptical about this claim, then do some online research or meet with a travel agent to find out if this is something you might enjoy, and see if my claim has merit.

P.S. When you return home you, may be able to convince your doctor to eliminate one of those medicines you are taking.

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