As spring unfolds so does everyone’s hope for a less restrictive lifestyle, to be able to gather more freely with friends and loved ones, and where most of us are vaccinated.

While some people are holding out, fearful of the vaccine, others can’t wait to get to get it. A friend who’d been wanting the vaccine told me he cried after getting it. He was that relieved. A physician told me being vaccinated makes him feel liberated. He asked, “Why wouldn’t everyone want this feeling?” The bigger question is why wouldn’t everyone want to have that feeling and also know they are helping to liberate all of us?

Herd immunity happens when enough people get vaccinated so that the virus has nowhere to go. Dr. Anthony Fauci estimates that herd immunity against COVID-19 will require about 85 percent of the population being vaccinated. But how will that happen when misinformation, rumors, and distrust is so prevalent? One rumor spreading on social media is that Bill Gates planned the pandemic for the sole purpose of creating a vaccine mandate that would make every injected human trackable by GPS microchip. Others point to natural remedies as a cure for the deadly virus.

I’ve come to realize that trust is precious and that a healthy dose of skepticism is understandable. Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” I agree with that. I think we need to put aside what we believe based on politics, hearsay, and rumors. I think it’s time to verify our sources and to trust science because our very survival depends on it.

Have a wonderful April!

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