Windsong Radiology’s breast care program earns accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers of the American College of Surgeons

WILLIAMSVILLE (4/6/2021): The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a quality program administered by  the American College of Surgeons (ACS), has granted accredited status to Windsong Radiology’s breast care program in Williamsville, NY. As a NAPBC-accredited center, Windsong’s breast care is committed to maintaining levels of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive, patient-centered, multidisciplinary care resulting in high-quality care for patients with breast disease. Patients can be confident that their breast care team includes health care professionals from a variety of disciplines who are committed to working together to provide the best care available through their entire course of treatment. Patients receiving care at a NAPBC-accredited center also have access to information on clinical trials and new treatment options, genetic counseling, and patient-centered services including psychosocial support, rehabilitation services, and survivorship care.

According to Dr. Katherine O’Donnell, Medical Director of the breast care program, “Windsong Breast Care is comprehensive and multidisciplinary, meaning we are able to provide care for the patient at every step of her treatment path with a full team to provide that care. Yet, the great strength of our program is individual, one-on-one attention. We know that every treatment path is unique. The patient will meet with the attending physician responsible for her care for an in depth review of her particular circumstance. Our hope is that this approach will give the patient confidence and comfort in the knowledge that she chose the best team to guide her through one the most challenging times of her life.”

To achieve voluntary NAPBC accreditation, a breast center demonstrates compliance with the NAPBC standards that address a center’s leadership, clinical services, research, community outreach, professional education, and quality improvement for patients. Breast centers seeking NAPBC accreditation undergo a site visit every three years.


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