Spring is making its way here, teasing us with the ups and downs of its ever-changing weather patterns. As always, this time of year represents the rebirth of nature and all of its beauty. However, the season’s regeneration also makes us more acutely aware of our global challenges. Watching what’s been happening in Ukraine has been unbearable and incomprehensible, prompting us to ask, “What would inspire anyone to have a complete disregard for life?”

If we have learned nothing else over the past few years, it is that what we do affects all of us. This is true when it comes to our thoughts, actions, how we protect ourselves and others from disease, and how we care for the earth. In fact, as we celebrate both Earth Day and Autism Awareness in April, it is important to acknowledge the growing area of research that focuses on the interaction of genetic and environmental factors on autism. 

Speaking of our global effect on the world, I recently learned about two extraordinary individuals who have been nominated to receive the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in bringing a safe and affordable COVID vaccine to developing nations. I encourage you to read their story in this issue, and watch them on our upcoming television show.

More than ever, it is time to appreciate life. Have a wonderful April!