Autism Services, Inc. will host Sensory Night at Lumagination, 6:00-9:00pm on Wednesday, January 29. Lumagination is a captivating and interactive exhibit that will transform the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens with light, sound and imagination through February 29, 2020. Representatives from Autism Services, including Asperger’s group members, will welcome visitors and talk about the benefits of sensory environments like Lumagination. Everyone is welcome to attend Sensory Night and the autism community is encouraged to enjoy this special evening that includes an art display by the Artists of Autism Services.

According to Autism Services, multi-sensory environments containing relaxing and engaging lights, sounds, textures, and smells, can be calming and therapeutic for people on the autism spectrum.
For more information about Autism Services, visit or call 716-631-5777. For more information about Lumagination and the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens visit or call 716.827.1584