By Aubrey Bottoms

It has been four months of loving this sweet boy. He has both bottom teeth, mastered the art of rolling from belly to back, gets super mad that he can’t remember how to go back the other way, and has smiles galore for his big brothers and sister. He has only slept a 7-hour stretch twice since birth, and I’m pretty sure he may rival my son Ryker when it comes to who talks (babbles) the most!

Things I’ve learned from baby #4 at age 43:

  • There’s no need to apologize for having a messy house, taking time for yourself, asking for help, or not looking your best.
  • There will be easy and hard days, but without hard, we wouldn’t appreciate easy.
  • I’ll never be on time for anything again.
  • If you think you’re too old to “start again,” you’re not.
  • I can’t please everyone all the time, and it’s ok for someone to have to wait.
  • Say “yes” more often – to my kids, opportunities, beer, and ice cream.
  • While I wake up often wishing my house was in better order, I’ve never once woken up wishing we didn’t go on that adventure. Forget the laundry and get to the beach!
  • On days I’ve felt invisible, angry, lost, overwhelmed, I kept going. I can do hard things.
  • The universe has a way of giving us exactly what we need.

Aubrey Bottoms is a clinical neuropsychologist at Dent Neurologic Institute, who also offers health and happiness bootcamps to women who want to thrive and not just survive. Follow her on instagram @bottomsbits and Facebook at bottoms bits.