The Breast Cancer Network of WNY (BCN) has donated $20,000 to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester in support of the Coalition’s Breast Cancer Research Initiative. The donation will be used to help fund the Coalition’s program awarding grants into the causes, prevention and potential cures for breast cancer, and preventing or halting the spread of metastatic disease.

“Metastatic breast cancer research does not get enough attention or funding and we are committed to addressing those deficiencies,” said Rob Jones, Executive Director of BCN. “Contributing to metastatic research has become a pillar of the Breast Cancer Network and we are fortunate to have another local independent organization to direct our efforts to. We are very impressed with the thoroughness and expertise of the Coalition’s research committee and we are proud to be able to make this donation to that cause.”

As part of its commitment to raise awareness of and support research on metastatic breast cancer, BCN has previously donated a total of $35,000 to the Coalition.

“We are grateful for all gifts to our organization, but it is particularly meaningful that another grassroots breast cancer organization from our region has chosen to support an effective research program that keeps funds right here in our region,” said Holly Anderson, Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Coalition. “Breast cancer funding is very competitive, which leaves dedicated regional scientists scrambling for funding. We are tremendously excited about this BCN contribution and will remain committed to our regional researchers for as long as funding allows.”

Since 2003, the Breast Cancer Coalition has awarded more than $975,000 to researchers in Central and Western New York. Proposals are solicited from medical and research institutions, with recipients selected through a competitive review process.