Senior Health

Tips for Healthy Aging

by William M. Healy, MD Sneaky old Father Time is at it again. Your back and knees feel stiff, unexpected fatigue feels overwhelming, and just where are those car keys anyway? While many of us are feeling the effects of growing older, we can certainly do more to fight back by learning and applying techniques for healthy aging. Since September is Healthy Aging Month there is no better time to start... »

These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Retirement Homes

Getting Older at Canterbury Woods Ain’t What it Used to Be! by Annette Pinder     As baby boomers enter retirement age, there is increased demand for services that meet their needs. “Our residents want to live in an environment where they feel comfortable, fulfilled, engaged, and, above all else, cared for,” says President and CEO Rob Wallace. Wallace says, “Canterbury Woods caters to people ... »

Tips for Medicare Open Enrollment

Beginning Tuesday October 15th, adults who are age 65 or older or are disabled will have the option to keep or switch their Medicare Advantage plans for 2014. Medicare’s open enrollment period runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. You can “age in” to Medicare throughout the year. “Eligible individuals should first review any premium or benefit changes to their current plans for 2014,” said Michael Bur... »

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