UB electrophysiologist is first author on NEJM paper on new therapy for “heart block” in heart failure

New research by electrophysiologist Anne Curtis has shown that patients with atrioventricular block have far better outcomes when both sides of the heart are resynchronized. By: Ellen Goldbaum The findings confirm what some clinicians and researchers have hypothesized for some time: that heart-failure patients with heart block do better when both sides of the heart are resynchronized. Anne Curtis,... »

breath test may identify heart failure

Promising non-invasive test could help medical professionals know who needs to be admitted to the hospital. Researchers have successfully identified heart failure in patients by using exhaled breath analysis, according to a new study. The results revealed that a non-invasive test based on patients’ unique breathprints is able to distinguish between those with heart failure from those without heart... »

Independent Health Highest Ranked Plan in Nation

Congratulations to Independent Health JD Power has given Independent Health a pair of high honors. Not only has the HMO’s plan been ranked the highest in the region, for the first time it’s the highest ranked in the country. JD Power looked at seven categories in the customer experience: coverage and benefits, information and communication, provider choice, customer service, claims pro... »

New Generic Medications Can Save Upstate New Yorkers Millions

37 New Generic Medicines in 2013 and 2014Can Save Upstate NY More Than $447 Million Annually Dr. Mona Chitre Lower-priced generics for 14 drugs in 2013 represent nearly $200 million in annual savings Upstate New Yorkers could see more than $196 million in annualized savings as 14 brand-name prescription drugs become available in their generic form during 2013 and an additional $250 million in... »

UB Invention Leads to Discovery of Novel Pathway for TB Vaccine

A new study shows that a mucosal adjuvant developed by Terry D. Connell, PhD, could lead to a better vaccine against tuberculosis. March 1, 2013 Researchers have discovered a new vaccine target for tuberculosis using a University at Buffalo-patented adjuvant that dramatically boosts the potency of vaccines administered to mucous membranes. Terry D. Connell, PhD, professor of microbiology and immun... »

Mammograms Every Two Years May Be OK for Older Women

Yearly test leads to more false positive results, say researchers Among older women, getting a mammogram every two years was just as beneficial as getting a mammogram annually, and led to significantly fewer false positive results, according to a new study. The national study of more than 140,000 women between the ages of 66 and 89 appears online February 5, 2013, in the Journal of the National Ca... »

Verbal Aggression: You May Have Picked It Up In the Womb, Says New Study

A new UB study has shown that verbal aggression may have biological causes that can be identified by the ratio of length of a person’s ring finger and the length of the index finger. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Research on the communication trait of verbal aggressiveness, which includes behavior like name calling, ridicule, insults, racial epithets and threats, has tended to focus on its social causes. ... »

Women Who Eat Berries Have Fewer Heart Attacks

18 year study of nearly 100,000 women provides encouraging information Eating three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries per week may help women reduce their risk of a heart attack by as much as one-third, according to a new study. Blueberries and strawberries contain high levels of naturally occurring compounds called dietary flavonoids, also found in grapes and wine, blackberries, eg... »

U of R Doctor Helps Transform Nation’s End-of-Life Care

The Institute of Medicine, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to improve American’s health has selected Dr. Patricia Bomba, of Pittsford to serve on the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Transforming End-of-Life Care. Bomba is a nationally recognized palliative care and end-of-life expert who designs and oversees the implementation of community projects throughout Ne... »

Confused with Medicare Options? Senior Services can help…

Medicare Options Help from Erie County Department of Senior Services Erie County Department of Senior Services encourages all seniors to understand the health insurance coverage they currently have, and to shop around for plans that may better fit their health needs, and save them money. The experts at Senior Services know what’s available locally, help people find their best options, and can... »

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