Where You Go Matters!

By Angela Ciraolo, RN, BSN

Homeostasis is our body’s natural multistep process that occurs when coagulation factors (proteins in our blood) produced by the liver work together to form a clot to prevent excessive blood loss. People with bleeding disorders may have one or more of these factors, or be deficient, and experience longer than normal bleeding episodes. Some also experience spontaneous bleeding into their muscles and joints, putting them at risk for permanent physical and developmental disabilities.

Many types of bleeding disorders are hereditary, while others occur spontaneously or in conjunction with another disease. The clinical presentation of a bleeding disorder can also vary, causing many people to remain undiagnosed. However, when a bleeding disorder is suspected, it is important to receive care from a specialized multidisciplinary team that can address the complex issues associated with diagnosing and treating blood disorders.

WNY BloodCare is a licensed diagnostic and treatment center that provides specialized diagnostic health and management services for individuals with blood disorders requiring lifelong medical management. Its clinical services, advocacy, education, and research initiatives help improve the life quality for individuals affected by these conditions. A particularly important aspect of this care is having an in-house specialized laboratory that assures an accurate diagnosis more quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost. Dr. Paul Hosking, Laboratory Director at WNY BloodCare, says, “The reliability and quality of this testing is essential, particularly since specialized testing is often required to identify rare clotting factors and genetic conditions, to support our medical decision making.”

Angela Ciraolo RN, BSN is a Clinical Research Nurse at WNY BloodCare. Learn more at https://wnybloodcare.org or call 716-896-2470.