Doggie Yoga, Pet CPR and Puppy Push-Ups – Fitness and Education for You and Your Pet

doggie yoga, pet cpr and puppy push-upsBy Katie Coleman

Kim Sauer loved being with pets and their owners so much that she decided to spread her passion by opening Sit n’ Stay Pet Services. Now, 14 years later, Sit n’ Stay has blossomed to offer public and private services across Erie County, including in-home pet sitting, private and group dog training classes, dog walking, pet first-aid classes, and so much more.

“I loved staying at home with my own pets and hated leaving them, and felt like other people probably did too. We help pets of all ages – from the very young to the very old. We help with aggression and other behavioral problems.

Rover & Me Fitness classes begin Sunday, June 5 at the Buffalo waterfront located at 1111 Fuhrmann Boulevard. Outdoor fitness classes for humans are conducted at the same time that a Sit n’ Stay dog instructor and other staff teach dog obedience. “There is always something available for your dog, whether it is puppy pushups, learning commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down.’ Imagine yourself performing lunges while teaching your dog to ‘heel,’ or having them run with you.”

Another unique facet of Sit n’ Stay is their Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers classes, to help your dog get accustomed to a newborn in the house. This can be a very difficult time for your pet, and these classes ensure that your baby and pet can safely coexist.

There are also going to be yoga classes you can bring your dog to through Sit n’ Stay this summer. “I think people like working out, but feel guilty not spending time with their dog. This is definitely true for me. While I enjoy yoga, the ability to have my dog participate at the same time is motivating. Dogs often have boundless energy,” Sauer said.

Sit n’ Stay’s pet first aid classes are half-day courses that train pet owners how to properly respond if your dog or cat is in danger. Participants learn how to perform CPR, rescue breathing, breathing management techniques, and what to do if your pet goes into shock or starts choking.

“It’s so fulfilling to talk to clients and have them express gratitude for giving them peace of mind while they are out of town. I love having this service available for them, and I love hiring people. I give them a job to help them do something they love, and I get to help people who love their pets. I feel so fortunate in being able to help so many people and do something I love at the same time,” Sauer said.

Interested in getting you and your pup involved? Contact Sit n’ Stay Pet Services, Inc. at (716) 822-3287, or go to, where there is a complete calendar of upcoming classes.