East Side Garden Walk is inviting gardeners to participate in its free self-guided garden tours Saturday and Sunday, July 20 & 21, 2024, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Deadline to sign up is May 15, 2023. Register online at EastSideGardenWalk.com.

There is no charge to enter. Your garden does not need to be perfect; no one’s garden ever is. If you have a garden in the footprint of East Side Garden Walk, you’re welcome to participate.

There are no fancy garden criteria–no site visits, no judging, no entry fees, nothin’– all you have to do is be proud of your little spot of earth. It does not need to be giant. It does not need to be professionally landscaped. Gardens range from large to a few square feet – register your front and / or back and / or side; your upper porch (seen from the street); or your business storefront dolled up with plantings! It is the diversity that makes the event a success.

The East Side Garden Walk is more than a free self-guided garden tour! It’s a way for residents to take control of the narrative for our community. We share gardens, stories, and our spirit of perseverance with those from within and outside our neighborhoods. The tour counters the negative stigma often portrayed on the news – by creating positive stories of our homes and our neighborhood. We use our love of gardening and community to create connections between gardeners, neighbors, and visitors.

East Side Garden Walk is an event produced by Gardens Buffalo Niagara (GBN) whose mission is to create more vibrant and beautiful communities by sharing gardens. Other GBN events include Garden Walk Buffalo, America’s largest garden tour; Tours of Open Gardens in July; the Gardens Buffalo Niagara Garden Art Sale; Urban Farm Day; Conservation Day at the Elmwood Village Farmers Market, and promoting the 15 other regional garden tours in the region.