By Madeleine Kates

Getting your skin ready for summer can be a big undertaking after a long Buffalo winter, especially for those with sensitive skin. Few options are available for hair removal and exfoliation that are appealing, and some cause bumps, burns, and cuts that make you want to cover up all over again!

Sugaring, an ancient beauty treatment that has made a modern-day comeback, solves many of the unpleasant effects of conventional hair removal. The single-use paste used for sugaring is made of all-natural professional-grade sterile ingredients, and contains only sugar, water, and lemon juice. The ingredients are therefore perfect for those with chemical or fragrance allergies and sensitivities.

According to Samantha Andersen, Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Sugaring Practitioner at Nickel City Skin Spa and Boutique, sugaring is a gentler approach to hair removal and exfoliation for people with ageing, creping, or thinning skin. Andersen says, “It is also an option for clients to consider who have various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, varicose veins, and for those who have previously undergone chemotherapy. In fact, clients should expect their skin to feel soft, exfoliated, hydrated, and less textured even after their first sugaring session.”

What does a sugaring appointment involve? Wearing gloves, a licensed aesthetician certified in sugaring takes a body-temperature heated ball of pliable sugar paste that has the consistency of warm taffy, and kneads it along the desired area for hair removal and exfoliation. The sugar is applied in a manner that follows natural hair growth patterns, which results in fewer ingrown or broken hairs. Sugaring also works on shorter or thin baby hairs that can be missed with a razor. 

Since sugaring treatments are never hot, the sugar can be used in repeated passes until the hair or excess dry skin is fully removed. Although sugar is sticky, there is little mess to worry about, as sugaring products only stick to and remove hair and dead skin cells. Any excess sugar that makes its way onto the skin or clothing is easily wiped off with a warm wet towel. Aside from being good for the skin, sugaring is also good for the environment because there is very little waste associated with the application process, and zero harsh chemicals. 

Nickel City Skin Spa and Boutique is excited to be celebrating its second anniversary in business. Commonly referred to by customers as “the big orange house,” you can find the spa at 4500 Harlem Road, Buffalo, NY 14226. There is something for everyone at Nickel City, which offers a variety of holistic, beauty, and wellness services, including skincare, massage, nail services, eyebrow artistry, sugaring, reiki, and waxing. To plan a visit to the big orange house, visit, or call 716-768-2089.

 Madeleine Kates is a Senior at Niagara University studying Life Sciences, Psychology, and Environmental Science.