by Stan Martin

November marks the beginning of a season of celebration and, in that spirit, it is with great pride that we celebrate the launch of HOPE Buffalo – and a pledge to embrace teen health.Park school camp

Teen pregnancy rates among Buffalo youth are much higher than those in the rest of New York State. HOPE Buffalo, which stands for Health, Opportunity, Prevention, and Education, seeks to change these troubling statistics. The mission of this unique initiative is to empower teens, foster positive environments, encourage adult support, and cultivate coordinated systems to prevent teen pregnancy. HOPE Buffalo is dedicated to providing comprehensive sexual education and adolescent reproductive health services.

Parents are at the center of HOPE Buffalo’s pregnancy prevention efforts. Teens ages 12 through 19 surveyed by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy said their parents, more than their friends, teachers or the media, had the greatest influence in their decisions regarding sexual health.

HOPE Buffalo encourages parents of teens to learn more about this great program, and join in efforts to ensure the health of our teens and their families. To learn more and get involved, contact Deputy Director Maisha Drayton at (716) 566-2329 or

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