By Shannon Traphagen

Face it! Age takes a toll on our appearance. We gaze into the mirror, purchase a bevy of cosmetics, and research therapies, all in a quest to look and feel younger. Yet, despite all of our efforts, it is always our neck area that seems to reveal most of what we are trying to hide. It is also why Erika Grose, NP-BC and Patricia Dannaher, M.D., founders of SkinWell Aesthetics, are excited about a therapy called Morpheus8.

“As we age, we lose collagen, elastin, and muscle, all of which contribute to thinning skin and a drooping appearance, leaving many of us feeling self-conscious,” says Grose. Dannaher explains, “Morpheus8 is the only fractional technology that uses microneedles, allowing us to target deep layers of a patient’s skin, and remodel their collagen non-invasively without the need for surgery or downtime. Morpheus8 accomplishes tightening, toning, and texture improvement for areas that are hard to treat, including the neck.”

Both Grose and Dannaher have an extensive background and interest in dermatologic procedures and antiaging medicine, along with their focus and study on the scientific basis for supplementation in treating and preventing disease. They are dedicated to helping patients reverse the effects of aging through a variety of treatments and technologies. Additionally, they offer patients education on aesthetic medicine, gerontology, the aging process, and its effects on the skin, and more.

Located at 5949 Campbell Boulevard in Lockport, call 716-727-SKIN to make an appointment and learn more about their many available treatments including Morpheus8, Lumecca, Forma, Neuromodulators, and Dermal fillers. In the midst of revising their website, you can find SkinWell Aesthetics on Facebook and Instagram.