Univera Healthcare Salutes Doctors on their Special Day

By Peter Kates

On National Doctors’ Day, as every day, Univera Healthcare is proud to celebrate the important work of physicians throughout the community, and within the health plan. This annual observance on March 30th honors physicians for the work they do for their patients, and the communities they support. For many providers, it was not only a love of science and medicine that called them to the profession, but also an innate need to help, heal, and serve others.

“We are fortunate to work with more than 18,500 physician partners across upstate New York to help people here live healthier and more secure lives through access to high-quality, affordable health care,” says Art Wingerter, president of Univera Healthcare. “Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the value our physician partners bring to our organization and our members.”

Ninety-nine percent of providers and 100 percent of hospitals within Univera Healthcare’s eight county Western New York service area are part of the health plan’s provider network. Through this relationship, Univera can implement effective programs such as accountable cost and quality agreements (ACQAs) that focus on integral collaborations between the health plan and systems of doctors and hospitals. Working together, the quality of care is improved, efficiencies are found, gaps in care are closed, and chronic conditions are better managed.

In addition to its work with outside providers, Univera has a team of 21 clinicians on staff who serve as medical directors, and who are key to ensuring the health plan manages cost, quality, and care for its members. With this physician expertise in-house, the health plan is able to seek out innovative opportunities to engage members in enhancing their health and wellbeing, and also guide dozens of Univera initiatives to improve service to its members.

“Our medical directors are proud to collaborate with our provider partners in the community, seeking their input and feedback in areas such as medical policy, quality improvement and medical management,” says Stephen Cohen, MD, Univera Healthcare senior vice president and corporate medical director. “This collaboration leads to improved member care and healthier communities.”

Happy Doctors’ Day to physicians everywhere and thank you from your partners at Univera Healthcare for your commitment, compassion, and dedication to others.

Peter Kates is Vice President of communications at Univera Healthcare.