ECMC Launching Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Service for Patients

New service supports ECMC’s commitment to exceptional patient experience and superior clinical outcomes

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – ECMC today announced the launch of an integrated specialty pharmacy service in partnership with Trellis Rx, a leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy services provider. The service will further ECMC’s promise of delivering the very best patient experiences by embedding pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into its specialty centers to support patients living with conditions such as cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Andrew L. Davis, Chief Operating Officer, ECMC said, “ECMC’s specialty pharmacy service directly supports our vision to deliver exceptional patient experience and superior clinical outcomes. Our partnership with Trellis Rx will play a vital role in helping improve access to healthcare and quality of life in Western New York.”

ECMC will start offering specialty pharmacy services in its outpatient specialty centers later this year. Patients who require specialty medications will receive support from specialty pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons before, during and between their doctors’ appointments. Pharmacy liaisons will navigate insurance approvals, apply for financial assistance and arrange refills deliveries for patients. Pharmacists will provide medication education and counseling, while also working with doctors to ensure therapy appropriateness and effectiveness.

Patients and their families often struggle to access and manage the specialty medications required to treat complex, chronic conditions. Common barriers that prevent patients from starting and adhering to specialty medications include complex therapy regimens, high out-of-pocket costs and challenging side effects. Some patients also struggle with lack of access to food, housing or transportation.

ECMC’s specialty pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons will work to address these challenges by providing the high-touch, personalized care needed to ensure patients can follow their treatment plans and achieve the best clinical outcomes. Specialty pharmacy team members will work directly alongside patients’ physicians and care team to ensure a coordinated, streamlined therapy experience.