Publisher’s Letter January 2021


Sitting at my computer, gazing out at snow-covered trees, I can’t help but feel gratitude — for the warmth of home, being able to immerse myself in interesting work, having access to nutritious food, supportive friends and family, and more.

This pandemic has taken its toll, robbing many of their livelihoods, feeling safe, the joy of sharing in-person experiences, and the loss of loved ones. But it has also given us a heightened appreciation for all we take for granted. As we turn the page on 2020, the promise of renewed hope is palpable — the first COVID vaccines are here, as are new treatments, and soon we will be able to purchase rapid COVID home tests at the pharmacy.

Dr. Fauci says that a return to normalcy is finally within reach but achieving normalcy will require our trust in the vaccine. Many believe, falsely, that the vaccine will give them COVID or change their DNA. Others still don’t believe the virus is real. It is hard to believe what we cannot see. But physicians and scientists tell us that COVID-19 is here to stay and that, like the flu, we may all eventually get it. They ask us — do we want to get the vaccine to avoid getting COVID or a case of it, or do we want to opt out altogether and take our chances?

We will be answering people’s questions in the months to come — in print, online, through forging community relationships, and through our new WBBZ-TV Your Hometown Health Connection television programs, which will address physical and mental health, treatments, and more. Watch them at

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, hopeful, and safe, new year.