We are all suffering from pandemic fatigue. As each day blends into the next, it seems that some pass more quickly than others. I wonder, is that even possible? After all, it takes exactly 23.9 hours for the earth to make one rotation on its axis, and that never changes.

Psychologists say our perception of time is influenced by our emotional state, and that If we feel emotionally positive and motivated, we perceive time as passing more quickly. So time does fly when you’re having fun! Whether it’s feeling motivated to exercise, try a new recipe, or explore a hobby, it is possible to find positive outlets, even during a pandemic. I find my motivation in exploring new topics to write about, having great conversations, or taking on a new knitting project.

The pandemic has taken its toll on us all. Now, in the second, wave with eight million cases nationally, 400,000 in the last seven days, and over 220,000 deaths, we all feel weary. Yet, I can’t help but think that what is being asked of us right now is pretty simple — to hold on a bit longer, wear masks, wash our hands frequently, and refrain from indoor group socializing. In other words, we need to get motivated, not just to care about ourselves, but to care about the greater good. It’s actually a small price to pay for saving lives.

The good news is that there are 45 vaccines in human clinical trials and twice that many in preclinical animal trials. Researchers are optimistic that a vaccine will be approved before the end of the year, and that 700 million doses will be available for widescale vaccination by March or April.

So hang in there and have a safe, healthy, socially distanced, and delicious Thanksgiving!