By Claire Rosenecker

Coping with and learning how to handle your loved one’s mental health and/or substance use disorders can be challenging and overwhelming. Creating a positive environment in which your loved one feels supported and motivated to participate in treatment is critical to guiding them on their recovery journey.

Horizon Health Services (Horizon Health) is excited about the addition of a new program now available called Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). CRAFT is an evidence-based practice that teaches concerned significant others (CSOs) to positively engage their loved ones in ways that increase their motivation to make healthy changes. CRAFT can be applied to any problematic behaviors your loved one exhibits, including substance use and maladaptive mental health related behaviors. Whether you’re a spouse, parent, sibling, or even a friend, you can benefit from CRAFT.

The three primary goals of CRAFT are to:

  • Encourage your loved one to enter treatment and/or stay in treatment
  • Reduce unhealthy behaviors related to your loved one’s mental health and/or substance use diagnosis
  • Increase your happiness

Individuals who participate in CRAFT gain:

  • Education on addiction and mental health issues
  • Increased understanding of your loved one’s substance use or mental health behaviors and patterns
  • Greater insight into the importance of timing of providing positive reinforcement and allowing for consequences
  • Improved communication skills
  • The ability to focus on your own well-being

Through consistent, positive engagement, you can help to create an environment that is more enticing for your loved one than the lifestyle they are currently leading. The spirit of CRAFT helps to remind you that you are the expert when it comes to your loved one, and that you may therefore be in the best position to help. CRAFT also empowers you to simultaneously not bear the consequences of your loved one’s behaviors.

Horizon Health’s CRAFT program offers both individual and group counseling options. Meetings can take place in person through various Horizon Health locations, over the phone, or via Horizon Telehealth.

How to Get Involved in CRAFT:
If your loved one is currently receiving services at Horizon Health, speak to their counselor about a CRAFT referral. The counselor will reach out to Horizon Health’s CRAFT Counselor Aaron Borowczyk, LMSW, who will give you a call by the next business day. Appointments are billed through your loved one’s insurance. If your loved one is not a current Horizon Health patient, call Aaron at 716-662-6802 or email him at to discuss your options, including scheduling an appointment that may be covered through your own insurance. For more information, visit

Claire Rosenecker is the corporate communications coordinator for Horizon Health.